Just over 18 years ago I was part of the team that established Play it Again (Social) Line Dancing. Along with two equally enthusiastic friends - Annette Gardner and Barbara Jordan (now deceased) – we decided to regularly meet to dance socially between the classes that we were attending.

Annette now holds weekly classes and regular socials in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. 

When I first moved to Cairns in 2004 I had to rely upon word of mouth to find out about the dancing classes that were available. For about 10 years my work commitments necessitated regular trips back to Sydney, so it is only recently, since I semi-retired, that I have been able to devote more time to the line dancing scene in Cairns.

Sybil Cumming

L-R: Annette Gardner, Sybil Cumming, Barbara Jordan

I went to my first line dancing class in the Coogee Primary School Hall (Silver Spur Boot Scooters with instructor Lorraine Rutherford) in Sydney in 1996 and was immediately hooked.  Soon I was going to two or three different classes a week with different teachers.  My heart-felt thanks to those fantastic instructors including: Julie Talbot (Bootscooters International), Noel Brady and Michael Vera-Lobos (Strictly Line Dance), Pat Wilcox, Barbara Hile (Fundanz) and Tracie Lee (Dance Fever).